What’s a day in the life like for me?

Of course, I do a lot of stuff in the background — I’m a stay at home mom who takes care of her two autistic sons, so there’s always stuff to do (home stuff, therapy stuff, homeschooling stuff, etc.) — but here’s a glimpse of my passive income activities…

1️⃣ — ☕️💰

First, a cup of coffee and checking if I sold anything during the night. Since I live in France, and a lot of customers come from the US, my sales usually happen during the night. Sometimes I wake up and check the phone in the first hours of the day and find out I sold something… which is a blessing (a sale! yay!!) and a curse (I can’t do my ‘I made a sale’ dance without waking up Mr Nathalie).

I compile my earnings in a spreadsheet (helps keeping me motivated, and motivation is key!) and then move on to the next part.

2️⃣ — 👩‍💻👋

I check my e-mails, social media, make sure I answer everything I need to, and assign tasks that have to be done today.

I also check out what’s happening in the groups I’m a part of. I’m in a group for female entrepreneurs, and in an insider group for people who want to make a passive income (come join us, it’s a lot of help!).

3️⃣ — 💵✍️

If I have a paying gig, I start on this next. I usually listen to some YouTube videos while I work, or my playlists on Amazon Music. It can be proofreading gigs, website creation, drawings… More rarely, I work on my gigs in the afternoon, if I couldn’t get to them in the morning.

4️⃣ — 🎨💎

Then, the most important part of my day is creating. I draw, I write, I paint, I make jewelry… I passionately create anything my heart desires.

For the designing, I use tools like Procreate (it’s an app on the iPad, I draw with the Apple Pencil), Canva or Gimp (Gimp is free and works on any computer).

You can check out my various stores to see what I do:

5️⃣ — 🖼✨

I use Canva and PlaceIt to make cool media in order to upload them where needed (my Etsy shop, social media, my blog, in Smarterqueue as evergreen content to be recycled, etc.).

Looks like that:

6️⃣ — 👚📚

I upload my designs to all my shops using OrbitKit. This tool is a life saver, it’s what has been helping me advancing in the passive income path.

If there was no OrbitKit, I’d probably would have not uploaded that many designs in that many venues. OrbitKit takes away the pain of having to upload by hand, and copy/paste titles, descriptions and tags. And also, once you’ve told how you want OrbitKit to place your designs on products, it does it automatically without any need of interference on your part (my POD fellows know).

Then, I put my designs on notebook covers with Gimp, which I then upload in KDP. I have a dot grid interior ready to use. That way, my no-content notebooks appear on Amazon, with little work on my part.

7️⃣ — 🏡🕸

I then see if I can improve my website. It can be writing a new blog post, checking an old one and putting it online (I have been writing for years on old websites, and a lot of my posts are still waiting to be put back up here). It can be working on creating a new page, checking links, adding graphics.

My website is my home, I want it to be practical, cozy, beautiful. A place where I feel good, safe, and where I can invite like-minded people over for a chat. 😊

8️⃣ — ⥂♻️

I check out social media some more, and add a few posts in Smarterqueue. I try to make them as evergreen as possible, so that I can recycle them automatically. I want to build a list of posts that can feed my social media accounts when I’m not around — mostly with promo stuff. But that doesn’t stop me from interacting live! 😉

And that’s it!

All those tasks are slowly becoming habits.
If I do all this, my day is good. I feel complete. 😊

What does your day look like?
Let me know in the comments! ⬇︎💖