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I always wanted to be an artist. I always had my dreams crushed. I couldn’t become a writer, a painter, a dancer, a singer… because there was no way I could make money with my passion: art.

But that was before the internet. Nowadays, you can choose to follow your passions and have it become a source of income. And that’s where it all began for me. The Internet and its beautiful opportunities.

I’ll be sharing about my journey here. Hope to see you there! 😊

Passive Income Report / July 2020

Every journey must start somewhere, right?

This is the beginner of my passive income journey. To be honest, I’ve been putting things up here and there for years. The only difference is, I’ve never tried to really make a go at it. Until these past few months. So you can say that, even though I have had accounts in different stores for years, I’m just trying now to be serious at earning money with passive income.

Here is a breakdown of the sales I’ve made in July 2020 (with the total of earnings), and a list of the designs I’ve put out.

JULY 2020

  • Amazon Associates (FR) / 13 orders / €11.96
  • Etsy / 2 sales / €6.96
  • KDP / 6 sales / €10.24
  • Merch / 3 sales / €13.32
  • Redbubble / 3 sales / €1.43
  • Spreadshirt (US) / 1 sale / € 1.77
  • Teepublic / 1 sale / € 0.88

Total: € 48.67


Total: 49 new designs uploaded.

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

What's a day in the life like for me? Of course, I do a lot of stuff in the background — I'm a stay at home mom who takes care of her two autistic sons, so there's always stuff to do (home stuff, therapy stuff, homeschooling stuff, etc.) — but here's a glimpse of my...

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Nathalie Aynié

Nathalie Aynié

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Hello and welcome to my Passive Income journey! I’m on my way to financial freedom, and I’d love for you to come along.