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So! How do you intend to better yourselves?
—Mr Mushnik

Last year, I discovered that I’m a multipotentialite. People often thought that I was fickle in my projects—and I was one of them. Now, thanks to Emily Wapnick’s TED Talk, I can see that it is not a flaw but a quality, and I will never be ashamed of myself again about being myself and gravitating around multiple, ever-changing projects.

This year, I’m going to do one of the things I do best: learn new skills on the computer. This is what I do: I learn to do a ton of things other people don’t know how to do, and I get to help them with their projects. They’re the specialists, I’m the multipotentialite—that’s why we work so well together. And that’s what I like to do.

But I also want to have my own projects, and this is something I’ll try to focus on in 2017. More books, and more creative endeavours.

I have registered to a few courses:

  • Bitfountain: a course on Swift and iOS. I want to be able to create apps.
  • Facebook Ads for authors: A course I have already started last year, but Mark Dawson put more lessons in it and I should finish it. Plan is to start using ads when I have more books out.
  • MasterClass: I have enrolled in the James Patterson class to learn more about the craft. There are a few others that have caught my eye, so I might enroll in other courses when I’m done with that one.

I follow some people on YouTube who talk about writing, marketing, and setting goals. They are very inspiring. I’ve curated a list of videos every author should check.

I also have a shit ton of books on writing and personal development to read, so I am going to work on that too.

One of the things we’d like to do with Mr Nathalie: be able to communicate without other people understanding us. Since there are no courses on Bene Gesserit sign language, Klingon it is. This summer, a Klingon course will be available on Duolingo. Signed up! 😊

What are you planning to do to better yourselves in 2017?

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