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Learning in the Multipotentialite Era

Learning in the Multipotentialite Era

So! How do you intend to better yourselves?
—Mr Mushnik

Last year, I discovered that I’m a multipotentialite. People often thought that I was fickle in my projects—and I was one of them. Now, thanks to Emily Wapnick’s TED Talk, I can see that it is not a flaw but a quality, and I will never be ashamed of myself again about being myself and gravitating around multiple, ever-changing projects.

This year, I’m going to do one of the things I do best: learn new skills on the computer. This is what I do: I learn to do a ton of things other people don’t know how to do, and I get to help them with their projects. They’re the specialists, I’m the multipotentialite—that’s why we work so well together. And that’s what I like to do.

But I also want to have my own projects, and this is something I’ll try to focus on in 2017. More books, and more creative endeavours.

I have registered to a few courses:

  • Bitfountain: a course on Swift and iOS. I want to be able to create apps.
  • Facebook Ads for authors: A course I have already started last year, but Mark Dawson put more lessons in it and I should finish it. Plan is to start using ads when I have more books out.
  • MasterClass: I have enrolled in the James Patterson class to learn more about the craft. There are a few others that have caught my eye, so I might enroll in other courses when I’m done with that one.

I follow some people on YouTube who talk about writing, marketing, and setting goals. They are very inspiring. I’ve curated a list of videos every author should check.

I also have a shit ton of books on writing and personal development to read, so I am going to work on that too.

One of the things we’d like to do with Mr Nathalie: be able to communicate without other people understanding us. Since there are no courses on Bene Gesserit sign language, Klingon it is. This summer, a Klingon course will be available on Duolingo. Signed up! 😊

What are you planning to do to better yourselves in 2017?

I survived 2016

I survived 2016

2015 ended shitty, and 2016 sucked big hairy satyr balls on so many levels—all but one. I am grateful 2016 brought me this one gift, the one that shines bright on my life today.

In 2016 I lost my mom, who I was very close to. I finalized my divorce, which was a good thing in itself but also the proof that no matter how much you try, relationships won’t work if you’re not two to try hard, and no matter how much you give of yourself, people will find a way to hurt you. My oldest son could not go back to school in September, and I had to run around like a headless chicken all summer, wondering what to do to homeschool him successfully.

At the same time, I discovered a lot of things about myself, my autism, my multipotentiality, my giftedness, and how they all merge to make me twice exceptional (2e).

My goals for 2017 are:

  • take care of the people I love,
  • take care of myself,
  • learn how to say “no”,
  • commit to make our home a place of peace and quiet,
  • be creative.

I am hoping that all my energy won’t go into surviving this year. I have a shit ton of projects that need my attention.

April 11th, 2017

Today is my 100th daily post. Here’s to a hundred more. 😄

April 10th, 2017

Back to writing. Our novel’s first draft is 44% done. I feel accomplished!

April 9th, 2017

Last day of total rest. Kids are coming back tonight. Can’t wait, I’ve missed them!

April 8th, 2017

Mr Nathalie took me out last evening to cheer me up. I’m a big fan of skewers. 🤤

April 5th, 2017

Good thing about the holidays: you can spend all afternoon watching horror movies and not have a care in the world.

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  • [IG] A Touch of Frost 67%
  • [IG] Into Deep Dimensions 13%
  • [IG] Packing Double 22%
  • [IG] Dark Desires 67%
  • [SG] Psycho Pact 3 52%
  • [HV] Hellvestigation by Gaslight 44%